Pixel Gun 3d Hack – Coins and Gems Cheats

Do you want to have friendly battles with your friends or random people across the world by using a plethora of weapons? If yes, then you should start using Pixel Gun 3D Hack and playing the game. The game revolves around the Pixel Man who has to survive in dangerous conditions by killing innumerable zombies and solving the mystery. Achieving success in the game is not easy, so you should go through this entire post as there are several tips provided that will make your game simpler.

Pixel Gun 3d Hack

Gaming Modes:

There are two gaming modes available in the game, which are single player campaigns and multiplayer mode. Usually players prefer spending their time in playing multiplayer gaming mode as it is interesting and engrossing. In this mode, you need to display your fighting skills by shooting enemies that get in your way. Your main objective is to acquire fixed number of kills in each level.

In the single player campaigns, you need to survive by killing several zombies, spiders, and various other creatures. A major difficulty that you will face in this mode is that you will have limited amount of ammo. So, you need to shoot strategically. If the ammo gets over quickly, then you will have to spend real money to procure them. Or, you can use Pixel Gun 3d Hack to acquire them.

Making Friends:

You can connect your Pixel Gun 3D gaming account with social networking sites like Facebook to make numerous friends. Another interesting feature of the game is the chat system, which will enable you to make friends across the globe. To add a person to your friend list, both of you need to click on the ‘plus’ icon that is available in the game table.

More number of friends will let you team up with other gamers and enhance your gaming experience. You will be able to play new matches, gain knowledge about various achievements, and check their gaming avatar after becoming friends. When you have made several friends in the game, you can create your own clan and include all of them. The best clan can make you the most powerful Pixel Warrior in Pixel Gun 3D game.


Cats, Dogs, Snakes, Rabbits, and Birds are some of the pets that you can unlock in the game. These pets can accompany you in various battles and in different game modes. Their innumerable skills can make you battles easier. You can even enhance their skills as well as their resistance to damage by providing proper training to your pets. Moreover, ensure that you build a special and specific living area for all of your pets.

Killing Zombies:

The best way to kill zombies is by moving and shooting at the same time. If you wait for sometime anywhere on the map then the chances of you getting shot is more. You should try to avoid as much damage as you can to your gaming avatar because if you die in the game then you will have to play the game all over again from the start. The best tip to protect your gaming avatar from getting killed by the zombies is by memorizing their locations. Once you know their hiding place, you can plan accordingly and save yourself from their attacks.

In-Game Currencies:


Whatever resources and upgrades you require in the game can be acquired with Coins. Earning Coins is easier in the game as compared to Gems. It is scattered across the map at each level, so as you keep moving forward you need to procure them. Another way to earn Coins is by unlocking the Lucky Chest. You will get a Lucky Chest every four hours; but, for that you need to play the game regularly.

There are innumerable video advertisements that can be seen for a few minutes. Once you watch the complete ad, you will earn rewards in form of Coins, Tickets, and Gems. The game developers have made it extremely easy to acquire in-game currencies by designing the mining buildings. When you construct a mining building like a Lucky Clover, you can acquire in-game currencies each day. Alternatively, you can use Pixel Gun 3d Cheats that are safe and quick for generating Coins.


Powerful arms, ammunitions, and special resources can be bought with the help of Gems. Earning Gems in the game is not easy and even if you are able to locate them, it will be available in limited amounts. For instance, in Level 1 and Level 2 of the game, you can procure a single Gem that is hidden behind the altar in the Church, in front of a green colored truck that is in an inclined position on the bridge, on the big tree that is attached to the tree house, and some more areas. If you want to acquire Gems in huge amounts then you can either spend real money to buy them or use Pixel Gun 3d Hack to generate them instantly.

Keys And Tickets:

Both Keys and Tickets are special currency of the game, which can be acquired with Gems. The main purpose of Keys is to unlock the Event Chests. Another way to obtain Keys is by earning them as rewards by winning several matches. On the other hand, Tickets are used for joining gaming modes. You can acquire Tickets by unlocking the Lucky Chests or earn them by watching an advertisement. As entering the gaming mode is the most vital part of the game, you get Tickets for free after every four hours of playing the game.


All in all, Pixel Gun 3D will keep you busy for several weeks. The best tip to survive for longer in the game is by attacking the zombies continuously with various weapons. Do not ever stand still at one place. Just keep moving forward while firing the enemies. Also, ensure that you aim your gun at every position because when you aim low, you can kill the crawling zombies and if you shoot at the head then you can destroy the opponent instantly. So, use these tips and have a wonderful gaming experience.


Pixel Gun 3d Hack

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  7. I’m here because I tried this generator and it’s real because. I wanted Coins and gems because I don’t have good weapons and gear cause I can’t buy from the shop. This works!

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